FOIs from June 2020

FOIs for June 2020
FOI Reference number Topic Attachment (if applicable)
F21-050A for DL.pdf [pdf] 133KB Fit testing of PPE  
F21-051A for DL.pdf [pdf] 127KB Statistics on catheter-related infections  
F21-052A for DL.pdf [pdf] 135KB Stats for disposal of sharps  
F21-053A for DL.pdf [pdf] 162KB Discharges to care homes  
F21-054A for DL.pdf [pdf] 127KB Denaturing of controlled drugs F21-054A TR18-RT1-YearToDate-2020 - Drug Destruction Kits.xls [xls] 29KB
F21-055A for DL.pdf [pdf] 155KB Discharge to care homes Feb-May 2020 and testing for CoVid-19  
F21-056A for DL.pdf [pdf] 202KB BAME risk assessments  
F21-057A for DL.pdf [pdf] 175KB Eating disorder statistics for children  
F21-058A for DL.pdf [pdf] 128KB Temporary staffing  
F21-060A for DL.pdf [pdf] 128KB Contracts with private hospitals re: CoVid-19  
F21-061A for DL.pdf [pdf] 218KB Sign language interpretation provision  
F21-062A for DL.pdf [pdf] 158KB Data storage  
F21-063A for DL.pdf [pdf] 161KB Health records  
F21-064A letter.pdf [pdf] 151KB CAMHS and CoVid-19 FOI F21-064A data.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB
F21-065A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB CAMHS and CoVid-19 F21-065A data.xlsx [xlsx] 9KB
F21-066A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB ICT documents

F21-066A CPFT - Digital Strategy 2019 - 2024 v3.pdf [pdf] 2MB 

F21-066A IT org chart.pdf [pdf] 29KB

FOI - F21-066A IT capital plan.xlsx [xlsx] 58KB

F21-067A letter.pdf [pdf] 171KB Temporary staffing  
F21-068A letter.pdf [pdf] 133KB ECT delivery F21-068A ECT Information Booklet 2018.pdf [pdf] 556KB
F21-069A letter.pdf [pdf] 175KB Mental health needs in the context of chronic physical illness  
F21-070A letter.pdf [pdf] 161KB IT department  


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