FOIs from June 2021

FOIs from June 2021
FOI Reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F22-082A letter.pdf [pdf] 109KB Policy on pre-operative nil by mouth policy for adults  
F22-083A letter.pdf [pdf] 121KB High Intensity Network/Serenity Integrated Model business case  
F22-084A letter.pdf [pdf] 153KB Use of agency staff F22-084A data.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB
F22-085A letter.pdf [pdf] 112KB International recruitment F22-085A International Recruitment.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F22-086A letter.pdf [pdf] 121KB Usage of online cognitive behavioural therapy platforms  
F22-087A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Replacement of pagers (bleeps) in the NHS  
F22-088A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Incidents involving Security Staff in Acute Trust Setting  
F22-089A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Managed service provider for agency staff  
F22-090A letter.pdf [pdf] 113KB Complaints  
F22-091A letter.pdf [pdf] 111KB Stats on applications for retirement  
F22-092A letter.pdf [pdf] 145KB Syringes and Needles Usage F22-092A data.xlsx [xlsx] 92KB
F22-093A letter.pdf [pdf] 121KB Usage of online cognitive behavioural therapy platforms  
F22-094A letter.pdf [pdf] 108KB Payments to Stonewall Equality Limited  
F22-096A letter.pdf [pdf] 152KB Details of MRI/CT scanners  
F22-097A letter.pdf [pdf] 167KB Serenity Integrated Monitoring (SIM) and the High Intensity Network F22-097A Information Sharing.docx [docx] 3MB F22-097A SIM EIA.docx [docx] 18KB F22-097A SIM Pilot Operational Policy.docx [docx] 276KB
F22-100A letter.pdf [pdf] 111KB Waiting times F22-100A data.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
F22-101A letter.pdf [pdf] 111KB CoVid deaths  
F22-102A letter.pdf [pdf] 144KB Procurement of language services  
F22-103A letter.pdf [pdf] 110KB Statistics for A&E  
F22-104A letter.pdf [pdf] 113KB CAMHS referrals  
F22-105A letter.pdf [pdf] 114KB CAMHS Mental Health referral data  
F22-106A letter.pdf [pdf] 113KB Referrals and Use of Core CAMHS and ED services  
F22-107A letter.pdf [pdf] 153KB CPFT Formulary  
F22-108A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Median/maximum waiting times  
F22-109A letter.pdf [pdf] 113KB Suppliers  
F22-110A letter.pdf [pdf] 113KB Deaths (including CoVid) and PCR  
F22-111A letter.pdf [pdf] 156KB Doctor vacancies  
F22-112A letter.pdf [pdf] 151KB Maintenance emergency on call policy/rota  
F22-113A letter.pdf [pdf] 135KB Waiting times for admissions  
F22-114A letter.pdf [pdf] 227KB Hospital leave F22-114A Q3 data.xlsx [xlsx] 9KB
F22-115A letter.pdf [pdf] 111KB Disinfection systems  
F22-116A letter.pdf [pdf] 188KB Agency use  
F22-117A letter.pdf [pdf] 141KB Executive Director salaries  
F22-118A letter.pdf [pdf] 171KB Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) risk assesment F22-118A VTE RA SOP.pdf [pdf] 945KB F22-118A VTE RA tool.pdf [pdf] 183KB
F22-119A letter.pdf [pdf] 112KB Rota software  
F22-120A letter.pdf [pdf] 112KB Cancelled operations  
F22-121A letter.pdf [pdf] 110KB Use of AI-based software  
F22-122A letter.pdf [pdf] 153KB Digital Transformation Plans  
F22-123A letter.pdf [pdf] 108KB Spend on temporary staff/ waiting list initiative/ overtime spend FY21 F22-123A Staff Spend 20-21.xlsx [xlsx] 19KB
F22-124A letter.pdf [pdf] 111KB Hospital Acquired Infections  
F22-126A letter.pdf [pdf] 150KB Digital Dictation/Voice Recognition Systems  
F22-127A letter.pdf [pdf] 108KB Outsourced services and technology F22-127A data.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB
F22-128A letter.pdf [pdf] 109KB CoVid PCR test  
F22-130A letter.pdf [pdf] 183KB Adult mental health accommodation statuses F22-130A Accommodation Status of HM.csv [csv] 2KB
F22-131A letter.pdf [pdf] 164KB Telephony  
F22-132A letter.pdf [pdf] 114KB Interim spending FY20, FY21  
F22-133A letter.pdf [pdf] 142KB Employment tribunal claims - settlement agreements F22-133A data.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB
F22-134A letter.pdf [pdf] 109KB Outpatient appointment cancellations due to CoVid  
F22-135A letter.pdf [pdf] 112KB Serenity Integrated Monitoring (SIM)   
F22-136A letter.pdf [pdf] 147KB CoVid-19 policy in relation to Associate Hospital Manager Hearings F22-136A AHManagers Guidance during Covid-19.pdf [pdf] 478KB
F22-137A letter.pdf [pdf] 159KB Data on hearings convened under s.23 discharge power of the MHA F22-137A AHM hearings 2018 - 2021.pdf [pdf] 241KB
F22-138A letter.pdf [pdf] 154KB EDI data on those persons appointed to exercise the hospital managers' discharge power contained in s.23 of the MHA  


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