Responses to FOIs received in March 2022

FOIs from March 2022
FOI Reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F22-447A letter.pdf [pdf] 147KB Surgical energy Devices  
F22-449A letter.pdf [pdf] 132KB Sleeping pills  
F22-451A letter.pdf [pdf] 159KB Ethnic diversity information  
F22-452A letter.pdf [pdf] 136KB Covid vaccination consent  
F22-453A letterr.pdf [pdf] 167KB Statistics on CAMHS inpatient  
F22-456A letter.pdf [pdf] 142KB Recruitment and retention: British Muslims  
F22-457A letter.pdf [pdf] 161KB
Commercial clinical trials
F22-458A letter.pdf [pdf] 151KB Cardiac MRI software  
F22-459A letter.pdf [pdf] 131KB Clinical imaging equipment  
F22-462 letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB RTT waiting times  
F22-463A letter.pdf [pdf] 131KB Sexual and reproductive health services  
F22-464A letter.pdf [pdf] 162KB Insulin patch pumps for Health Living Centre, Peterborough  
F22-465A letter.pdf [pdf] 220KB Agency and Bank spend  
F22-466A letter.pdf [pdf] 206KB  Agency and Bank spend  
F22-467A letter.pdf [pdf] 140KB CAMHS waiting times F22-467A CAMHS RISK THRESHOLDS_July 2021.docx [docx] 28KB
F22-469A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Rostering and Job Planning F22-469A Rostering and Job Planning FOI Questions.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F22-470A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Locum rates for junior doctors  
F22-471A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB
Long Covid statistcs
F22-472A letter.pdf [pdf] 200KB Serenity Integrated Monitoring (SIM)  
F22-473A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB Rehabilitation in children with epilepsy  
F22-474A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Director/Chief/Lead of AHPs F22-474A FOI Questions AHPs.docx [docx] 28KB
F22-476A letter.pdf [pdf] 204KB EPR/PAS F22-476A CPFT - Digital Strategy 2019 - 2024.pdf [pdf] 1MB
F22-477A letter.pdf [pdf] 193KB Contact information for Mental Health Lead and HR Exec Dir  
F22-479A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU)  
F22-480A letter.pdf [pdf] 132KB Opioid analgesic prescription painkillers  
F22-481A letter.pdf [pdf] 206KB Bed management, diagnostic reporting, discharge letters, integration platforms  
F22-482A letter.pdf [pdf] 234KB Telecoms - Networks  
F22-483A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Long Covid statistcs  
F22-487A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Spend on private health care insurance  
F22-488A letter.pdf [pdf] 185KB Finance system/ERP (Enterprise Resource Management)  
F22-489A letter.pdf [pdf] 192KB Environmental and sustainability policy  
F22-490A letter.pdf [pdf] 134KB Hospital catering  
F22-492A letter.pdf [pdf] 167KB Agency/bank management F22-492A data.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB
F22-493A letter.pdf [pdf] 202KB PAS contract information  
F22-494A letter.pdf [pdf] 198KB Covid guidelines  
F22-495A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Immune thrombocytopenia   
F22-496A letter.pdf [pdf] 161KB private healthcare spending on staff  


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