March 2023


Responses to FOIs received in March 2023
FOI Reference Number  Topic Attachments (if applicable) 
F23-489.pdf [pdf] 136KB

Information on SAR Processes


F23-490.pdf [pdf] 140KB



F23-491.pdf [pdf] 167KB

Nursing Services


F23-493.pdf [pdf] 125KB

Organisation Structure

F23-493 Estate Team Organisational Chart.pdf [pdf] 82KB

F23-494.pdf [pdf] 126KB

Statistics of Agency Nurses


F23-495.pdf [pdf] 127KB

Inpatient Deaths from 2018 – 2022


F23-496.pdf [pdf] 125KB

CAMHS Deaths


F23-502.pdf [pdf] 147KB

NHS Talking Therapies


F23-505.pdf [pdf] 126KB

Payment of Suppliers


F23-508 .pdf [pdf] 128KB

Integrated Data Platform


F23-509.pdf [pdf] 137KB

Patient Trolleys / Stretchers


F23-511.pdf [pdf] 130KB

Chatbot / Virtual Assistant


F23-513.pdf [pdf] 143KB



F23-515.pdf [pdf] 163KB

Direct Management and Agency


F23-517.pdf [pdf] 131KB



F23-519.pdf [pdf] 125KB



F23-521.pdf [pdf] 133KB

Medical Rostering


F23-522.pdf [pdf] 130KB

Temporary Staffing


F23-527.pdf [pdf] 155KB

Agency Staffing

bank and agency unqualified.xls [xls] 167KB

bank and agency qualified.xls [xls] 8MB

F23-528.pdf [pdf] 134KB

Mental Health Services

Bed Numbers by ward MH.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB

FOI F23-531.pdf [pdf] 182KB



F23-532.pdf [pdf] 131KB

Electronic Prescribing and Medicines


F23-533.pdf [pdf] 128KB

Microsoft Exchange


As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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