Our forum members

Louise Garner (Chair)

I live in thLouise Garnere Cambridgeshire area and work in the voluntary sector. Having worked with CPFT on a professional basis and having personal lived experience as a carer and service user.  I believe that the Patient Participation and Partnership Forum, with service user input is in the unique position to improve the quality of life for people experiencing poor health. I feel there are opportunities for collaborative working together to ensure the skills and passion that service users hold can be used to develop local services which are needed and sustainable for future generations.  




Katherine Gravett
I’m passionate about advocating for patients andKatherine Gravett caregivers. My son was severely injured when he was eleven after he was hit by a bus. At that time, I was dealing with a relapse in my condition (ME) following the birth of our third son. We are patients and caregivers and have often had to fight for the support we needed. I have experience in brain injury rehabilitation, long term disability, mental health, and special educational needs. I also work with the NIHR to highlight the unmet needs in rehabilitation. The PPF offers me a chance for collaboration and positive change. 




Rajnikant Shah
I look forward to working with other members. I haveRajnikant Shah used the service previously and recovered from depression. I have always felt to give the community, whatever I can as a gratitude of what the community has given me and my family. I am also a carer and a community lead within the Indian community, where friends discuss various health issues. I was a panel member on the Valuation Tribunal Service, and we also aid Addenbrookes Chaplaincy with regards to final Hindu rites when required. I am a Director and work as an interpreter with an interpretation agency.



Gary Moran

I have reGary Morancently retired from a 38 year career in transport Health, Safety and wellbeing. I have experienced anxiety on and off most of my adult life, so I have used CPFT and other alternative treatments, such as mindfulness, over the last 10 years. Now I want to use my skills and experiences by being part of the CPFT participation and Partnership Forum to help and support CPFT users service experience.




Louise Blencowe

I joined the participation and partnership forum as I am passionate about ensuring the voices Louise Blencowe of service users are communicated and heard by CPFT and across other healthcare organisations in the local area. As someone who has used services in the past I feel it is important and necessary to bring to attention and discuss issues that could be affecting the quality or efficiency of how services are delivered and implemented as well as the impact it may be having on patient care. My main areas of interest are children and young people's mental health, carers, improving crisis services, personality disorder treatment and care and strategic planning. I am an advocate for positive change, improving mental health and crisis services, which includes better provision of care for those with a diagnosis of personality disorder or complex mental health conditions. I am also passionate about addressing stigma and discrimination in the workplace as well as promoting more training and awareness for healthcare professionals on mental health.


Emma Joy-Staines Emma Joy-Staines

I am really looking forward to participating in the PPF because I love it when patients and professionals work together, listening and discussing how things can be improved.  I believe this not only supports our much loved and needed NHS but also enables patients to understand why things are certain ways and feel valued in their voices being listened to.  I have had contact with various different health departments personally through my 2 children and my Husband who has been an amputee for 15 years.  Professionally I manage a Charity we founded for amputee families called Steel Bones. 





Ellie Rogers 

Ellie Rogers 

I am excited to be part of the Participation and Partnership Forum. I am passionate about improving services for other people and would like to combine my experience of CPFT care with my experience of medical school and informal patient groups in order to contribute. 






Salim Seedat Salim Seedat

I retired in 2018 and have since worked as a volunteer with CPFT Heart and Soul, Cambridge Rethink Carer Support and as a volunteer driver for the Fulbourn Community Car Scheme.  I would mostly like to represent the interests of Carers who care for a family member (or friend of someone) with mental health issues. I am a carer myself (my wife suffers from Bipolar Disorder) and I am on the Cambridge Rethink Carer Phone support service rota so have some experience of the challenges that carers face. I would like to help ensure that CPFT (via PPF participation) is taking into account carers views and that carers are directly involved in the cared for person’s treatment and recovery.  





Margaret Robert Reeds Margaret Reed Roberts

I have lived experience of being a service user and carer. We are a neurodivergent family. I live with chronic conditions and invisible disabilities. My professional background is in Social Care (and some NHS experience), mainly as a social worker with older people and dementia, alongside social work education. My strengths, skills and values combine a keen sense of empathy, empowerment and advocacy. The PPF offers me an opportunity to be a positive agent of change for how a wide range of health needs are understood and met. I look forward to working with the other members for the benefit of many.





David Jordan 

With my wife I cared for two sons with mental ill-health for forty years. My wife died from MND after two very distressing and challenging years. My daughter now helps to care for my sons. For over twenty years I was the Chair/Co-ordinator of Rethink Mental Illness Carers Groups in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. I am a member of NHS England Patients and Public Voice Board, also the Professional Records Standards Body and the Integrated Urgent Care Scrutiny Group, which includes NHS111. I believe that my knowledge and experience of mental ill-health would help discussions in the PPF


As a patient

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