Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses free? 

Yes! All our courses are free! 


How do I enrol at the RCE Wellbeing Hub? 

Simply submit the online Registration Form and we’ll contact you to let you know which courses you have been enrolled on. 


Who can come on the courses? 

Anyone aged 18 or over can enrol with the RCE Wellbeing Hub; you don’t need to be involved with mental health services. Many of our learners are or have been supported by mental health services; however, carers, health professionals, students and friends and family can also benefit from learning with us and are more than welcome to attend. 


How many courses can I take? 

We recommend you choose courses that will be most relevant and of benefit to your health and wellbeing. We usually recommend 5 courses per term and ask that you consider your availability and capacity when enrolling on courses. However, there is no set limit to how many you can attend per term. 


I am currently supported by mental health services. Do I need a referral? 

No, we don’t accept referrals. If you’re supported by mental health services, they may tell you about the Hub and some of the courses available. However, it’s your choice as to whether you decide to register, enrol and learn with us. 


 Can I bring someone with me? 

You are welcome to bring someone with you to any of the sessions you attend. All they need to do is register and enrol as a student of the Hub too. 


Do I need any qualifications? Will I have to take any tests at the Hub? 

No, you don’t need any qualifications to learn with us; nor will you have to take any tests. While we are educational, we aren’t academic. 

If there are any barriers to your learning that you’d like staff to be aware of, please note this on your registration form. 


How many other people will be on the course with me? 

We try to limit the number of learners to around 10 – 12 per course, as we find learners benefit from smaller sized groups. However, due to circumstances and demand this may vary occasionally. 


I’m concerned about my privacy. How will you protect my data? 

We take the confidentiality and privacy of our learners very seriously. We abide by current UK data legislation and adhere to the same level of data protection enforced across the NHS. 


Do I need to bring anything with me? 

No, all learning resources are provided. You may wish to bring a notepad and a pen or have these to hand for our online sessions – but all that we ask is that you come with an open mind! 


What happens if I don’t attend part or the whole of the course? 

If you are unable to attend, it’s important to let us know via email at the earliest opportunity to allow us to offer the place to another learner. If you don’t attend and don’t inform us we will assume you’re no longer interested and would like to cancel your future courses with us. 


Would you ever cancel a course? 

Yes, if fewer than 4 people enrol on the course or very rarely due to circumstances outside our control, such as staff sickness. We will give you as much notice as possible if this arises. 


Where are courses held? 

We are pleased to offer a hybrid model of both online and face-to-face delivery. Our face-to-face delivery takes place at both our Peterborough and Cambridge Hubs.


How do I access the online courses? 

We use Microsoft Teams to deliver our online courses. Please see instructions here:

Microsoft Teams Joining Instructions [pdf] 163KB


Do I need to have my camera on if I am attending an online course? 

We would prefer it if you can, as it is easier for both the RCE team and other learners to be able to engage with you when we can see each other. While it isn’t mandatory, we would really appreciate you switching your camera on if you are able to and comfortable with doing so. 


I’m still not sure – can I come on a taster? 

We understand that it might feel like a big step registering and enrolling on our courses. For those that are still uncertain or want to ask further questions, we run a ‘Find Out More’ session which anyone can attend prior to even completing a registration form. Please check our latest timetable for the next available session. 


How do you evaluate your sessions? 

Student feedback is crucial for the development of our courses, and we will ask you for feedback after every session. This is currently done online using a form on Microsoft Teams. You are of course able to email any additional comments or feedback to the RCE Wellbeing Hub team. 

Before any session is run within the Hub, it undergoes a Quality Assurance process to ensure it is promoting a recovery ethos and is of a good quality. 


How can I get more involved?

You may wish to become more involved with the Hub and CPFT as you near the end of your learning journey with us. 

You may wish to volunteer with us or in the Trust and we can signpost you to CPFT’s Voluntary Services. 

You may also wish to become involved with Quality Assuring/co-designing courses with the Hub. 

Please speak to (or email) a member of staff if any of the above seem like something that would be interesting to you. 


Contact us 

The best way to currently contact the team is via email on 

Telephone us on 01733 963 219 – this line is manned Monday to Thursday between 9:30am – 2:30pm. 

As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

Patient Advice and Liaison service  Contact the Trust