Responses to FOIs received in September 2022

Responses to FOIs received in September 2022
FOI Reference Number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F23-195A letter.pdf [pdf] 169KB Scanning/post room  
F23-196A letter.pdf [pdf] 163KB Software and suppliers F23-196A Tech Freedom of Information Group1.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F23-197A letter.pdf [pdf] 219KB Admissions and Play Team data for FY22  
F23-198A letter.pdf [pdf] 135KB Electronic tagging  
F23-199A letter.pdf [pdf] 164KB Procurement team details  
F23-201A letter.pdf [pdf] 128KB Neuroimaging; epilepsy patient statistics  
F23-202A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB metastatic Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) and Acute myeloid Leukaemia (AML)  
F23-205A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Glioblastoma brain cancer  
F23-208A letter.pdf [pdf] 159KB Contact details  
F23-209A letter.pdf [pdf] 174KB Covid Booster consent information  
F23-210A lettter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Quality assurance software systems  
F23-211A letter.pdf [pdf] 143KB IT statistics  
F23-213A letter.pdf [pdf] 166KB Spend on clinical insourcing/outsourcing  
F23-214A letter.pdf [pdf] 195KB IT disposal  
F23-215A letter.pdf [pdf] 128KB Staff transport services F23-215A data.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F23-216A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB GP cover statistics  
f23-217A letter.pdf [pdf] 204KB Medical devices, sterile services  
F23-218A letter.pdf [pdf] 164KB IT Service Management Software  
F23-219A letter.pdf [pdf] 131KB Crisis lines  
F23-221A letter.pdf [pdf] 163KB Spend on specialist community perinatal mental health teams F23-221A data MMHA Perinatal.xlsx [xlsx] 54KB
F23-222A letter.pdf [pdf] 131KB Crisis lines F23-222A Community Based Mental Health.xlsx [xlsx] 209KB
F23-223A letter.pdf [pdf] 179KB Percentage of spend on agency/bank F23-223A data.xlsx [xlsx] 26KB
F23-225A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Compliance rates for statutory and mandatory training  
F23-226A letter.pdf [pdf] 153KB Orthotic products and services  
F23-227A letter.pdf [pdf] 153KB Prosthetic products and services  
F23-228A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Declarations of Confirmity for all tyepe IIR surgical masks  
F23-229A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Use of WhatsApp by or within the NHS Trust  
F23-231A data.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB NHS Sexual violence and misconduct F23-231A leter.pdf [pdf] 134KB
F23-232A letter.pdf [pdf] 173KB "Targeted work" at the Cavell Centre  
F23-233A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Robotic Process Automation  
F23-234A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Clinical negligence claims in the maternity sector  
F23-235A letter.pdf [pdf] 123KB Questions related to your prosthetic and orthotic workforce F23-235A FOI Questions to NHS Trusts_22_9_22.docx [docx] 36KB
F23-237A letter.pdf [pdf] 132KB  Oral cancer referrals  
F23-238A letter.pdf [pdf] 233KB Scanning of documents  
F23-239A letter.pdf [pdf] 123KB Clinical outsourcing providers F23-239A data.xlsx [xlsx] 24KB
F23-241A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Management of corporate property and asset information  
F23-243A letter.pdf [pdf] 205KB A&E/Doc Management/digital dictation/sscheduling system  
F23-244A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Hospital buildings  
F23-245A letter.pdf [pdf] 173KB Committee Meeting Software  
F23-246A letter.pdf [pdf] 138KB Staffing numbers since 2010  
F23-248A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Seclusion statistics over last 12 months  


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