Serious Incidents

Serious Incidents

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FOI F24-661.pdf [pdf] 132KB Patients who died whilst on a waiting list to receive care   05/03/2024
FOI F24-419.pdf [pdf] 198KB Period Products Incident Reports   07/11/2023
FOI F24-417.pdf [pdf] 184KB Patient Safety Incidents relating to Medication Errors   07/11/2023
FOI F24-374.pdf [pdf] 132KB Clinical Service Incidents caused by Estates and Infrastructure Failures   16/10/2023
FOI F24-377.pdf [pdf] 128KB Stolen Medical Equipment   17/10/2023
FOI F24-243.pdf [pdf] 142KB Domestic Homicide Reviews since 2017   14/08/2023
FOI F24-237.pdf [pdf] 128KB  Clinical Staffing Levels   13/08/2023
FOI F24-199.pdf [pdf] 217KB Deaths of Inpatients in Mental Health Facilities    24/07/2023
FOI F24-161.pdf [pdf] 134KB Stop the Line Procedure   29/06/2023
FOI F24-151.pdf [pdf] 172KB Sexual Safety Incidents Sexual Safety Standards Gap Analysis Draft v0.1 redacted.docx [docx] 81KB 21/06/2023
FOI F24-129.pdf [pdf] 131KB Ethnicity of Perpetrators and Victims in Sexual Misconduct Cases    12/06/2023
FOI F24-128.pdf [pdf] 152KB Datix Reports, Minimum Staffing Levels FOI F24-128 - Staffing levels.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB 08/06/2023
FOI F24-090.pdf [pdf] 131KB Drug Charts   21/05/2023

FOI F24-064.pdf [pdf] 135KB

Risk Management Solutions



FOI F24-034.pdf [pdf] 129KB

Palliative Care Suicide Statistics



F24-035.pdf [pdf] 183KB

ECT Statistics



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