Responses to FOIs received in February 2023

Responses to FOIs received in February 2023
FOI Reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F23-435A letter.pdf [pdf] 135KB Se at the point of cancer services offereddiagnosis  
F23-438A.pdf [pdf] 134KB Postage costs   
F23-439A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Fax machines  
F23-440A.pdf [pdf] 217KB Agency Staffing in 2022   
F23-442A.pdf [pdf] 129KB S2 Funding Applications and Treatments  
F23-443A.pdf [pdf] 129KB Preventing Veteran Suicide  
F23-444A letter.pdf [pdf] 165KB Software systems used  
F23-446A letter.pdf [pdf] 204KB Information on EPR  
F23-447A.pdf [pdf] 167KB Serenity Integrated Model  
F23-448A.pdf [pdf] 191KB CYP Eating Disorders AWT Standard  
F23-449A.pdf [pdf] 136KB Recruitment  
F23-450A.pdf [pdf] 128KB Senior Staffing Structure   
F23-451A.pdf [pdf] 125KB EADS ‘Not Recovered Pathway’ Stats  
F23-454A.pdf [pdf] 169KB International Recruitment  
F23-455A.pdf [pdf] 146KB Private Mental Health Inpatient   
F23-456A letter.pdf [pdf] 187KB Clinical decision support in e-prescribing/Observations - vital signs/Oncology e-prescribing/Diagnostic imaging Systems Query  
F23-458A.pdf [pdf] 169KB Capital Projects  
F23-460A.pdf [pdf] 169KB First Aid Training F23-460A_Training FOI_data.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
F23-464A.pdf [pdf] 175KB Meningitis and Encephalitis  
F23-465A.pdf [pdf] 126KB Nursing Off Framework Spend  
F23-466A.pdf [pdf] 129KB Finance Solution  
F23-467A.pdf [pdf] 132KB Infrastructure  
F23-469A.pdf [pdf] 128KB Coil Fitting  
F23-471A.pdf [pdf] 130KB Treating Waiting List   
F23-472A.pdf [pdf] 173KB Agency Spend  
F23-476.pdf [pdf] 158KB EPR System  
F23-482.pdf [pdf] 127KB Commercial Clinical Trials   


As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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