Board of Directors

The CPFT Board of Directors is made up of executive and non-executive directors, led by a non-executive chair. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Trust is accountable to the public for the services it manages.

You can view some information on each of our Executive Directors' portfolios on this page: Executive Director portfolios

Details of the Board of Directors' meetings can be found ont the right hand side of this page, along with copies of our Constitution, Gifts and Hospitality Register and Register of Interests.

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Karen Daber, Non-Executive Director

Karen Daber, Non-Executive Director

Karen Daber has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will provide a valuable contribution to the Trust in a range of areas, including supporting the Trust with its recovery plans and compliance with equality standards.
Karen, who lives in Cambridgeshire, has a history of public sector involvement including policing and nursing.

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